2011 China Ceramics Illustrated Feature on My Reassembled Ring Teapots

2011 China Ceramics Illustrated Featured on My Reassembled Ring Teapots On March 3, 2011, I received an e-mail from Mao Zengyin, editor of China Ceramics Illustrated, a bound periodical magazine averaging 150 pages, which is published in color every two weeks in Mainland China. Mr. Mao wrote:

“We are planning a feature about the contemporary sculptural teapots and we love your teapots so much.”

After several e-mail exchanges, in which Mr. Mao courteously answered my questions, I sent him 17 high-resolution JPEG images, an artist’s statement, and permission from Paul Park to translate into Chinese and publish the text from Paul’s March 2002 Ceramics Monthly Magazine feature article on my Reassembled Ring Teapots. You can view the Chinese text and images from the 10-page feature article published in the April 15-30, 2011 edition of China Ceramics Illustrated, as well as an image of the cover of this issue HERE.

Click here for more information about the Beijing-based magazine China Ceramics Illustrated.

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