Blue Billowing Spinnaker Reassembled Ring Teapot

16" tall x 11" wide x 6" deep

Photo by Jon Barber

This teapot is a companion piece to the “Aztec Headdress” teapot, although I was not thinking of their similarities as I made them. In fact, they were made six months apart from each other. I first made a pointed-ends oval cross-section ring, and cut it into three arc segments, as I had with “Aztec Headdress.” My plan here was to alter but still preserve the feeling of the circular ring. I left the largest arc segment intact, and reversed the medium-length segment to curve into the empty space of the original ring. I then added the third (smallest) segment to the top of the inward-curving segment, cut out the lid opening from its top, and added the scimitar lid finial in a similar curving orientation. I filled out the collapsed left side of the original circle with the pulled handle, and added the spout on the right near the top of the largest arc segment. Mounted on the oval base, this reassembled ring composition has a strong sense of movement toward the right, and I named it “Blue Billowing Spinnaker” to suggest the filled forward sail of a cruising sailboat. I must admit that I’ve heard that boats and sails are seldom colored blue, because that may invite the blue sea to swallow them up!

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Oak Bluffs Cottage Pottery
Pownal, VT

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