Midnight Blue Intersecting Arcs Reassembled Ring Teapot

15” tall x 9” wide x 6” deep, cone 5 oxidation firing, 2003

Photo by Jon Barber

My career as a ceramic artist has been dedicated to making useful objects, and when I started to make these Upright Ring, Recumbent Ring, and Reassembled Ring Teapots, their functionality was important to me. It was the constraint that I was placing on the form, the way a poet might choose a meter and rhyme scheme. Some of my Reassembled Ring Teapots, however, like this one, I admit are only barely functional. There’s not much room in this Teapot for tea! I couldn’t resist the elegance of the reassembled shape, though you may want to brew your tea in a conventional teapot, then enjoy your tea while contemplating this Teapot Sculpture.

This Teapot is held in a private collection in Somerville, MA

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