Mint Green Reassembled Ring Teapot

15” tall x 9” wide x 7” deep

Photo by Jon Barber

This Teapot is For Sale

Price: $3200

Mint Green Sharp Edges Reassembled Ring Teapot
cone 5 oxidation-fired stoneware

With this Mint Green Sharp Edges Reassembled Ring Teapot I made a tall narrow cross-section ring and cut it with a curving saw blade into four pieces. I reassembled them in an overlapping “V” composition to emphasize the sharp curving edge of the ring. The lid is cut out of the section just in front of the top handle attachment, and I put a curving “wave” finial on the lid to re-state the sharp angled edges of the original ring. Recently I have begun using a dark brown speckly cone 5 clay to make these teapot compositions. I first glazed this teapot with a glossy white glaze, then painted the edges with wax resist. I glazed the teapot with a second layer of pale green glaze, but all the edges stayed white because the wax resist masked the white glaze from being covered by the green glaze. After the glaze firing there were a few glaze defects, so I had to repaint the missing sections and refire the teapot, which is risky but in this case was successful, and improved the teapot immensely. I am particularly proud of this piece, which is one of my favorites from this series of abstract Reassembled Ring Teapots. My Mint Green Sharp Edges Reassembled Ring Teapot, along with my King Penguins Upright Ring Teapot, were featured in the 2-year traveling exhibition “Objects To Subject” sponsored by ExhibitsUSA, a division of Mid-America Arts Alliance.

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