Six Parrots, A Goldfinch Flies Up Reassembled Ring Teapot

17” wide X 9” tall X 7” deep

Photo by Jon Barber

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Price: $3200

Six Parrots, A Goldfinch Takes Flight Reassembled Ring Teapot

With this teapot I returned to the six-pointed star cross-section ring I previously used for the Purple Foamy Whitecaps Reassembled Ring Teapot and the Gray-Green Six-Pointed Star Cross-Section Reassembled Ring Teapot. I wanted to make a free-standing Reassembled Ring composition stretched out horizontally, not mounted on a base, recalling my earlier Orange 5-Pointed Star Cross-Section Reassembled Ring Teapot, but this time attaching the cut apart arc sections in a zigzag pattern rather than overlapping them horizontally as in the Orange Teapot. I attached a sculpted finial to the lid, inspired by a combination of images of a feathery plume, a pineapple top, a fountain spray, and a fireworks burst. I also returned to a thrown spout from the handbuilt slab spout I have been using recently, but without the spiraling ridge decoration of many of my earlier teapot spouts, opting instead for the smooth-surface thrown spout I used on the Purple Foamy Whitecaps Teapot. For the teapot body glaze treatment I also returned to the earlier pale green glaze covered with a second coat of pink glaze I first used on my Pink Pentagonal Cross-Section Teapot, then my Pink-Green Oval Cross-Section Teapot, and my Bird Of Paradise Teapot. Thinking of my fireworks-burst inspiration for my sculpted lid finial, I glazed it in yellow and orange with blue highlights. There were some glaze crawls that had to be repainted, and then I glaze-fired the teapot a second time, softening and blending the green and pink glaze colors.
While contemplating the completed teapot, I was reminded of a movie we recently viewed, “The Wild Parrots Of Telegraph Hill,” about a man in San Francisco who observed, cared for, and adopted a flock of wild Cherry-Headed Conure Parrots, which are green-colored with red heads. This teapot’s composition reminded me of how those parrots would perch in a group on a telephone wire and seem to converse with each other. Their green and red colors blended like the pink and green of this teapot. My mind then saw the teapot lid finial as a reference to a bird we see often at our home birdfeeder, an American Goldfinch bursting into flight. I doubt that American Goldfinches and Cherry-Headed Conure Parrots exist in nature in the same environment, either in San Francisco or the parrots’ native Ecuador, but they do now in my “Six Parrots, A Goldfinch Takes Flight Reassembled Ring Teapot.” I am the artist, and I take my inspiration from wherever it comes and combine it all into a new vision in my artwork!

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