Teal Blue Over/Under Reassembled Ring Teapot

11" tall x 13" wide x 8" deep

Photo by Jon Barber

Teal Blue Over/Under Reassembled Ring Teapot
This teapot is held in a private collection in Alta Loma, California.

Some compositions are more three-dimensional than others, and one camera shot cannot explain visually all that is going on. One really has to walk around this Teal Blue Over/Under Reassembled Ring Teapot to experience it fully. For this Teapot I made an oval ring with a deep channel groove. I cut apart, then reassembled the five arc sections into a twisting composition reminiscent of the “double helix” pattern seen in representations of the DNA molecule. I oriented the completed composition in a “jet plane ascending” angle on the base, but it was balanced too far forward on the original oval base and wanted to tip forward. I had to cut up the front of a second oval base to make a shape like a “cowcatcher” on the front of an old steam locomotive, and bond this to the front of the original oval base to extend it farther forward. this makes the Teal Blue Over/Under Reassembled Ring Teapot rest securely, and gives the added advantage of visually balancing the overhanging Reassembled Ring composition. The handle position over the base makes this Teapot easy to pick up. I chose a teal blue glaze as a second layer over the opaque glossy white glaze for the final firing.

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