Teal Blue Round Cross-Section Reassembled Ring Teapot

10" tall x 12" wide x 9" deep

Photo by Jon Barber

I often cut apart the leather-hard ring without a resolved plan of how I am going to complete the reassembly process. In this case I cut the ring into six arc sections, and assembled five of them end-to-end, but couldn’t figure out how to complete the composition in a harmonious whole. I finally added the last arc section, which is shown in the photo nearest the camera in the lower left. This allowed the composition to lift off the table and pose lightly on three points without an added base. I added the teapot finial, shaped like a boat sail, to a trapdoor lid cut out of the top of the central arc section, and put the handle behind it and the spout in front. It now looks like I meant to make it just like this from the start!

This teapot is held in a private collection in Manteca, California.


Oak Bluffs Cottage Pottery
Pownal, VT

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