Yellow Trapezoidal Cross-Section Reassembled Ring Teapot

15" tall x 12" wide x 6" deep, cone 5 oxidation firing

Photo by Jon Barber

Making this teapot helped me to think in a new way about the process of reassembling the cut-apart arc sections of the (in this case) trapezoidal ring. I did not try to exactly fit the arc sections together end-to-end, but allowed them to overlap, and put flat clay panels on the uncovered parts of the cut open ring sections. I assembled the two sections to the left of the photo where the handle is attached, and separately assembled the three sections to the right, where the spout is. I then cut an interlocking mortise and tenon-type joint to increase the surface area of attachment in the final joint which you see between the handle and the lid. I cut open the trapdoor lid between the spout and handle, and made the lid finial by piling up 5 clay balls topped by a miniature trapezoidal polygon, restating the trapezoid cross-section theme of the original ring. I chose a bright yellow glaze to emphasize the curving, yet angular nature of this unique sculptural composition.

This teapot is held in a private collection in Dallas, Texas.


Oak Bluffs Cottage Pottery
Pownal, VT

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